Jane Cohn and her partners had a vision, to publish a local field guide using the watercolor paintings of artist and self-taught botanist, Edward Stuhl. It took roughly five years to produce the book, Her partners took on the daunting task of making the guide botanically useful and accurate. Another partner provided the history and connections to Edward Stuhl and Jane served as the project and sales manager.

Jane began working with JEDI when the book and posters were in the printing process. The Women’s Business Center at JEDI assisted her small business with marketing, tracking inventory, banking and selling the book in the community and through JEDI’s promotional events. 

Jane received many hours of support from WBC business development specialist, Paj Kane, to learn and effectively use accounting and sales software so her work is organized and precise. This also makes sales tax payments and tax preparation very easy.

Jane was intimidated by the thought of learning to use social media and learning to promote the book online and in the community. She took some JEDI classes and was impressed with the level of experience, professionalism, and teaching ability. Thanks in part to the trainings, in the first year the business met and exceeded their ambitious sales goals.

Jane Cohn shares, “Working with JEDI has helped me stay motivated and involved in this project. The four of us are grateful to JEDI for helping us take our product into the community effectively and successfully. Thank You!”

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