Access to Capital

Entrepreneurs need access to capital. But traditional sources of capital typically aren’t available to rural entrepreneurs.

We help you find the best source of capital for your business, including answering the hard questions. Like much do you need to borrow? What terms are best for your business? What do you need to do to get loan-ready?

Once you’re ready, we don’t leave you adrift; we help prepare and submit the application.

Find out more about the Grow Your Business with Sound Financing workshop

Sources of Capital

Have you ever thought about Crowdfunding? Take a short assessment HERE and contact JEDI for a private consultation to see if this method is right for your business.

JEDI offers small loans in partnership with the Opportunity Fund. Please make an appointment with a JEDI consultant to assess this option for your business. We will work with you to determine best loan size and fill out an application.

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