When I started my private practice a little over two years ago, I was so thankful to have help from JEDI. I did not know a thing about running my own business, especially anything about taxes and bookkeeping. Paj was so helpful and patient with me, helping me set up my books. While setting up my books and learning about taxes was tedious and overwhelming I am glad I went through it. It has helped me make better business
decisions and I have a whole new skill set.

Now that I am through that process I can focus on the most important part of my business which is helping my clients. My business has grown and expanded in this short amount of time. I have added another therapist to the practice, added another
Neurofeedback machine and am now able to take insurance.

If it were not for the WBC at JEDI’s help, I would be struggling. Setting up your books
right from the start allows you to be better prepared for all the surprises that come up
when you own your own business. Thank you JEDI!! You are a great resource to the
community, I refer anyone looking to start or grow their own business to you because
you are all so helpful!!

Learn more about Amy Truby, LMFT, owner of Mt. Shasta Counseling & Neurofeedback
at www.mtshastaneurofeedback.com

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