My name is Darcy Thompson; I am the owner and sole proprietor of Thompson Reading Clinic and a certified dyslexia specialist with a master’s degree in special education.

After teaching for 30 years in the field of public school special education and raising a daughter with dyslexia I felt it was time to bring a one to one specialized approach to families who have a child with dyslexia.

Opening a private practice is a daunting achievement, the WBC@JEDI provided me with the ability to leap into my dream. I worked to establish goals for my practice and complete the paperwork required by the city, county and state. The WBC@JEDI referred me to one of their business consultants, a digital marketing specialist who helped me understand how social media can reach a larger client market and create a business Facebook page. I have joined the webinars offered by the WBC@JEDI to learn about the local economy, understanding taxes and using LinkedIn. Most importantly for me as a sole proprietor, the monthly We Thrive Experience in Redding provides an opportunity for me to network with other women and create personal relationships to support what I am hoping to achieve.

Thank you JEDI! Opening a small business requires a great leap of faith and courage. You have helped not only myself but also all those that I am reaching through my practice. We are grateful!

Learn more about Darcy Thompson, MA-SpEd & Certified Dyslexia Specialist:

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On FB – Thompson Reading Clinic



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