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How to use Foresight for Business Strategy
Join us for a webinar on Jul 12, 2017 at 12:00 PM PDT.
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* Do you find yourself developing a new product or service only to find it’s outdated by the time you go to market?
* How can you better anticipate changing consumer needs?
* Does your competition always seem to “get there early” while you are left trailing?
* How do you know when to innovate and when to be a “fast follower?”

“The future is here, it’s just unevenly distributed.” –William Gibson. This training is designed to tune up your skills to sense the future trends and disruptions that will impact your organization, in order to make better decisions in the present.

In this webinar you will:

• Learn the difference between foresight and predicting
• Discover the discipline of getting there early
• Understand how to spot signals of change

Critical for people starting a business, and is a much-needed tune-up for established business leaders. Open to non-profit leaders who understand the value of disciplined strategy as well.

Your presenter, Rachel Hatch spent 9 years in the foresight field as Research Director at Institute for the Future (, a nearly 50-year old think tank based in Silicon Valley. She has advised Fortune 100 companies on how to utilize foresight in their business strategy and innovation processes. Now she is interested in business from the perspective of how critical it is for community vitality, as she is in the newly-created position of Program Officer for Community Vitality at The McConnell Foundation.

All who register will be sent the recording, even if you miss the live event.

“I have partnered with Rachel to work on The Leading Edge, a leadership development program for our High Potential Middle Managers, in bringing the IFTF learnings regarding leadership skills needed to move Hallmark into a future uncertain world. She is impressive in all aspects….from her depth of knowledge to her delivery in facilitating conversations.” – Kristi Heeney, Talent Development at Hallmark Cards Inc.

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