We love entrepreneurs. They build interesting, passion-driven businesses. Which is not an easy thing.

After all, entrepreneurs wear a lot of hats — salesman, operations, artist, accountant, marketers, tech expert, etc.

It’s a lot for one person to handle.

JEDI understands the problems, and offers training to entrepreneurs on every aspect of running and growing a business. Need to market better? Track financial status? Manage suppliers?

We’ve got you covered.

Starting a Business?

It’s Your Business

This is our flagship — a 36-hour, in-person-and-web-based class designed to move your thinking and planning to the next level. You’ll conduct market feasibility testing, craft a business plan, spitball marketing ideas, learn accounting and finance, and build realistic cash flow projections.

In effect, you will take the first step in creating the business you have always dreamed of. Every step of the way, you’ll be guided by an experienced teacher and our proven classwork.

Growing or Retooling Your Business?

PowerUp Your Business

PowerUp is JEDI’s advanced program for existing businesses (up to 10 employees) who seek to grow, improve profitability, expand productivity and become more sustainable.

We provide advanced, customized training and private coaching from successful, proven business experts. With our help, you will drive your business to the next level of performance. PowerUp includes:

  • A private assessment
  • Monthly group meetings for management and owners
  • Five private coaching sessions
  • Access to experts
  • A special closing event

With JEDI’s help, you can achieve great things, including:

  • Creating efficient systems, saving money and increasing productivity
  • Better leveraging new and existing resources
  • Making better decisions using advanced financial analysis tools

(Because JEDI has received funding from the Wells Fargo Foundation and USDA Rural Microenterprise Assistance Program (RMAP) and the SBA, we can offer PowerUp to established businesses at very low cost.)

Want to Manage Your Money Better and Save?

Financial Awareness

This course will help you re-evaluate your priorities and goals — and help you start managing your money to support your dreams.

Need to clean up your credit? Get out of debt? Need to manage your bank accounts better? Need to figure out how to save for your dreams first before paying bills?

JEDI’s proven curriculum makes it all possible.

Making Your Money Work for You

This is a dynamic, personalized, 27-hour class that covers goal-setting, budgeting, saving and investing, credit trends, and other habit-busting topics.

In simple terms, we put you on a clear path to sound personal money management.

(Making Your Money Work is the pre-requisite for JEDI’s Individual Development Accounts)


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