What We Do


JEDI increases the economic well-being of people and communities through business development and local wealth creation.

To do that, we offer training, coaching, financial services, loan services and moral support to entrepreneurs in the mountains of far Northern California (specifically Siskiyou, Shasta, Trinity and Humboldt Counties).

Why We Do It

Despite bleak predictions about the demise of the rural lifestyle, we believe rural living — and rural economies — are far from finished. We believe that small businesses represent the root of the rural revival.

In the nearly two decades since we started helping rural entrepreneurs, we’ve developed a clear understanding of the rural environment and its economic challenges. And the needs of micro-business.

The good news? Some of those small businesses grow into bigger businesses.

In simple terms, we embrace job creation, but also believe simple job creation isn’t aiming high enough. Our goal is the creation of living wage, family supporting, community-enriching, wealth-creating enterprises.

Jobs support people. But businesses support communities.

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